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Friday, December 31, 2010

The need of revolutions in the field of Catechism

Over the years, the signs of a shear towards ignorance and negligence on the faith, spirituality and traditions can be easily noticed among the new generations of Syro Malabar Catholics.  The problem that shattered the church in Europe and US has started to hit the church in Kerala too. This pin points the need of a new revolution in catechesis. Effective and continuing catechesis can only save the generations from this crises.

Catechesis is not something that can end with school days. It is not a matter of Std 1 to Std X or XII. But it should be from the time of birth and everlasting to the last moment in life. Parents should be the first teachers of their children. They should be able to give a foundation in the faith and traditions of our church. If the foundation is not good, what ever built over it, is of no use. According to the second Vatican council, parent's role in the formation of a child is so important such that anything else cannot fill that gap. Also, all should realize that the scope of catechism in sunday schools is very little. Parents should be able to let their child grow in age and wisdom according to the faith and teachings of catholic church.

Children should be grown with an affection towards the mother church. They should be taught our prestigious history and traditions. One who knows the history can only love the presence. Remember the words of cardinal Tiserang, who was the prefect of the congregation for Oriental churches: "I love the church in malabar, because I know it's past". One who is aware of our great history, traditions and our great freedom fight to restore the identity, will surely love our church. But sadly the present generations lacks this love and affections. Parents are often ignorant to teach this great history. But unfortunately no moves are seen from the church too. Why should we hide our history? Or who should hide our history and for whom? What ever be the answers, outcome will not be good. If we expect love and affection towards our church from the faithful, we must teach our history. We must teach our great traditions.

After the catechism for whole 12 years and if you don't know the importance of Danha and Dukrana, what else you gained through all these years? If you are illiterate and ignorant about the basic teachings and traditions of the church, for whom you lose the Sundays during the past 12 years? If you still remains as a mere viewer in Holy Qurbana, without the knowledge of great mystery over it, it is surely a wastage. After 12 years of catechism, if you run away with a muslim or hindu for your selfishness...or if you wander here and there for a relief...or if you start a new life with any Pentecostal churches,...or if you forget all the fundamental believes and even the Sundays, when you are away from home,... then surely there is a problem in your formation. Yes the way of formation should be changed. If one has an affection or love towards the church, he will surely remain with the church until his death.

Our catechism should create this love and affection towards our church. It should teach them the meanings of our faith and rituals. It should teach the mystery of Holy Qurbana. It should enlighten the children with the morel sense. It should help them or make them capable of upholding the faith and believes in the modern age and to live as true models for the world. It should teach them to keep their faith even in front of the sword. It should teach them to even shed their lives for the faith in our Lord...This should be our catechism.
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