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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The reality behind the self financing college issues in Kerala...

'Inter church council: The real threat to the society'-Dr Fasal Gafoor, in Kaumudy...Why the Inter church council has one justice when all others have another one...They should try to remove their shields (minority rights!!!) for the public interest!!!...Like ways he continues the arguments. It seems like he has taken some quotations to destroy the church and it's institutions. Media provide amble time and space for his mission. It seems like all channels had recruited him to throw the mud into the catholic institutions and our leaders. Any way let us come to the topic.

Catholic churches were the pioneers in the education sector of Kerala. It started these institutions to serve the church and the nation. These institutions were not started for business, as the media call our institutions now!!! It maintained social justice by admitting all people, without any discrimination. When the catholic managements entered the self financing professional field, the same was also applied.

These colleges are started by the churches, to help the faithful and other people. Money belongs to the faithful. According to 50:50, half of the seats are given to government where the students study in a lower cost. Other half is for management, where the seats are given to community merits. Here the fees will be double. That is, the students from the community (who spend money to start college) have to spend more money to sponsor government merit students.This is a double burden for the people of community. Supreme court had ruled out this cross subsidy. Hence in these colleges run by catholic managements, equal fees for all is adopted. But scholarships are provided for the poor students, by the colleges.

Those who goes to best schools and Coaching centers gets higher rank and gets admission in government merit. Those who have money can only do these. Then how you can say that it is the poor people who gets admission in 'Government merit'? So there is no point in teaching 50% of students in a reduced rate. Fees should be collected from the ones who are able to pay it. Also scholarships should be provided for those who can not pay this. The fund for this should be provided collectively by the government and the institutions. This is the stance of the Inter church council. This also involves the idea that the students in private colleges are also eligible for the money of the government. They are also tax payers. Hence they also have the right for that.

According to the council, the present fee structure is not reflecting the social justice. In all seats, a common fees should be implemented. Adequate scholarship should be given to eligible students (mark should not be the criteria for this. family conditions & economical backwardness should be the criteria). Other students should be encouraged to study by spending the money.

If money was the motive of the church, they would have stood with Dr Gafoor. But their aim, was the social justice. So they vowed for a common fee structure without any cross subsidy. Does this criteria of admitting all according to merit and collecting a common fee, a very big crime to the society? Or should we collect double fee from the owner's child to teach an other person? The supreme court had ruled out that this is the best method and even then the government and media need 50:50. Social justice is the obligation of the government. But there is no point in arguing that, it should be done at the cost of self financing colleges, where the government has not even an investment of 50 paise.

The fee structure should be able to provide the investment to run the institutions. If the government colleges fall into debt, government will compensate it. What if, it is a private college? Surely they would close down the institution. According to an old data, government spends more than 5 lakh per year, for a student in a government medical college. If this is the situation, how the private colleges can be run by collecting the so called 'government fees' implemented to protect the 'social justice'. If social justice is the motive of government, they should provide the fees for the students they send to the private colleges.

If we sing 'hosanna' to Mr Gafoor and stand besides him, saying that we are 'gafoor ka dosth', our institutions can also be a part of the government sponsored 'Professional business', but at the cost of our minority rights. Even then, from the managements point of view, this may be beneficial. But we can not go for it, since we have social and communal commitments. If we didn't come forward to protect the social justice and minority rights, who else should go for it?

If we agree to the 50:50 formula of the government and adopt 50% students at a lower fees, we will get license for the 'professional business', so that we can sell the rest 50% seats as we wish. Every one will be satisfied if we do like that!!! This is the 'social justice' according to the government, media and all others!!!

But we don't need any seats for business. Our colleges were started by investing the money of the faithful. So their children must be given the chance to study in our colleges at a fair fees. Instead of this, if we are forced to sell the seats again to the faithful, then for what we need these colleges? We don't need any profit out of this. But we just need money to run these colleges and improve the facilities.

Hence we adopt admission based on merit in all seats except NRI quota of 15%. We didn't go for any special entrance examinations. We prepare the rank list based on the qualifying exam(+2) marks and the Kerala entrance examination marks. In all these seats, we collect the common fees from the students. But also Scholarships are provided for the needy students. Is this a big crime to the society? Is this an insult or threat to the common men?

We are following the same criteria for the last four years and nobody had complaints. But when then ruling party moves into opposition, they have severe complaints!!! If the government need to consult the Opposition leader (Previous Chief minister) and the previous Education minister for all matters, then why we voted for the change of ministry? Remember that our stands are no based on any political parties. Even if its left or right, there will be no change in our stance. It is not fair to make us change the stance by threatening.

Here we see the hidden agendas to capture the minority rights in the name of social justice. Remember that we are a community that has no reservations any where in the country. The only thing we have is our minority rights. So if we did n't provide chance for our children to study in our colleges, then for what we need colleges? For this, we need the minority rights. Dr Gafoor, who vows us to remove the shield of minority rights in the name of social justice, enjoys the protection of both minority rights and reservations. Will he ask his community members to remove these shield to protect the social justice?

Think wise..understand the truth and support our leaders to protect our rights and to prevent the hidden agendas...

Go through this article to know the facts in depth...Please click here to read the linked article...


  1. I do really understand that we need money to run a high standard medical college and i also support many of such institutions coming in kerala. but never forget that they are getting crores and crores of rupees of profit. just imagine if 30 students are getting seat in merit quota for 50 lakhs.. will that be enough for an year to run the college... then comes the fees.. so where do they find it hard to run the college??

    Other argument and the only argument in fact was that church cant get extra fees from management quota students because its against the social justice. Now as catholics, we say, we hear and we preach at the alter quoting Bible, that if you have two shirt thn give one to the needy, isn't the same thing happens there... if we cant follow what we preach then the base stone of church is wrong.

    I as anyone of you, love and have a passion for my church. But its so sad and shamefull those leaders who should lead the church to dignity and glory and leading it to defame and degrading the church. Can you justify why does our beloved priests and Bishops are so much passionate about these Medical colleges and dont even care about the ordinary old age homes or small KG Schools, coz it doesnt bring money.

    Can you tell me sincerely an example where a church runs an institution that has the high standard of a convent school, for the poor, for a minimul fee.???? no its a fact that there is no such schools.

    As you said, in the first paragraph, all the media and other people are here to destroy the name of the church. befor accusing blindly can we just think why do they do that?? it was not there the church was actually doing its duties some years back.

    Whatever be the justifications there are a majority of real catholics against these kind of practices in church and we will come up againsts it coz we love the church....

  2. First of all, your comment of 'crores and crores of profit' is not true. Because according to some previous information, government spends more than 5 lakh per year, for a student studying in a government medical colleges. But inter church council, collects only 3.5 lakh per head in an year. So there is no point in your argument.

    Secondly, I don't know any catholic colleges diverts the 'profit' out of the campus. What ever fee collected from students are used to improve the facilities of the institutions and to give a good environment for the students to study..

    Next you said about old age homes and all. Can you show any organization having nearly half the institutions run by church? This is the thing our bishops are saying. Every one looks for self financing colleges and blinds their eyes towards other charitable institutions of the church and accuses us that we are the curse of society.

    At last, you commented about church run institutions and convent run ones. Did you know St. Berchmans' High school, run by the Archdiocese of changanacherry directly? This is a school were poor and common men's children study. The school has been selected as the best aided school in Kerala, by the previous state government. There are lot more institutions like that. So before blaming the church, please relay on the correct information..


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