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Friday, July 8, 2011

Here is what Inter church council is....

Inter church council for education is a common platform for all christian churches in kerala to discuss the problems related to education field and give a proper order to the sector. It is an ecumenical council started by Mar Joseph Powathil before a long period. It is not a council of christian professional colleges. Inter church council captured the headlines of media, when mar powathil took the driver's seat, to protect the church's rights and social justice, when the previous communist government introduced the self financing bill that had clauses to indirectly capture the minority rights.

From that time onwards, Mar Powathil and Inter church council, stood for protecting minority rights and social justice in the field of professional education. Under the guidence of the council, two separate fedarations were formed, each one for engg and medical colleges. All the colleges which are a part of these federations are run by individual trusts or dioceses. The inter church council has no part in managemental process of each colleges. Hence the council has no profit from these colleges. But the council took up the issue only to protect the minority rights and the social justice. But every one argues that the coucil is business oriented. But according to the above facts, There is no point in that argument.

Here is the article regarding the stance of Inter church council, regarding the self financial professional college issue..Please go through this, to understand the problems in depth...

Hope every one understands the facts now..

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