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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Amit Andrews Pereppadan Online Syriac Group Song Competition 2018

Dear Your Grace/ Your Excellency/ Father/ Sister/ Brother/ Friend

Dukrana Greetings from Rooha Media!

Hope you are aware of the Amit Andrews Pereppadan Online Syriac Group Song Competition 2018 being conducted by Rooha Media for the Syro Malabar faithful. Below is the final list of entries for the competition. Click on the link below each team to view the video. Please support the teams by your Likes and Shares as they are also counted while deciding the winners.

1. St. Pius X Church Delhi, Diocese of Faridabad

2. Marth Mariam Choir, Lourde Matha Church Thazhathuvadakara, Archdiocese of Changanacherry

3. St. Joseph's Church Kalamassery, Archdiocese of Ernakulam- Angamaly

4. Major Archi Episcopal Marth Mariam Archdeacon Pilgrim Church Choir, Kuravilangad, Diocese of Palai

5. Sneha Bhavan Kaippuzha, Archdiocese of Kottayam

6. Holy Family Church Mukkoottukal, Diocese of Thuckalay

7. St. Daniel Comboni Syro Malabar Faith Formation Center Abbasiya, Kuwait

8. St. Thomas Forane Church Dharmaram Bangalore, Diocese of Mandya

9. St. Mary's Forane Church Kaduthuruthy, Diocese of Palai

10. SMYM, Major Archi Episcopal Marth Mariam Archdeacon Pilgrim Church Kuravilangad, Diocese of Palai

11. Mar Sleeva Church Sleevapuram, Diocese of Palai

12. St. Mary's Church Sunday School Choir, Mulakkulam, Diocese of Palai

13. Our Lady of Arabia Faith Formation Center,Ahmadi,Kuwait

14. St. Mary's Church Arakulam, Diocese of Palai

15. St. Sebastians Church Mutholapuram, Diocese of Palai

16. St. Mary's Church Choir, Mulakkulam, Diocese of Palai

17. St. Mary's Church Ithithanam, Archdiocese of Changanacherry

18. St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Cathedral, Diocese of Melbourne, Australia

19. St. Alphonsa Syro Malabar Cathedral Children's Choir, Diocese of Melbourne, Australia

The competition is being conducted in the memory of Late Amit Andrews Pereppadan. Amit, son of Mr Andrews PK and Mrs Liji Andrews from Peramangalam, Thrissur was born and raised in Delhi. He was a zealous youth from the Diocese of Faridabad who had devoted his life spreading awareness on the rich legacy and reinstating the lost traditions of the ancient St. Thomas Christian community in India. Rooha Media is an initiative from the Syro Malabar youth with the same objectives.

Rooha Media

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